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January Newsletter

January 1st, 2010

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January 27, 2010

January Newsflash:

Setting Sim Stream 7 Free!

Rushing Rivers Institute will soon be releasing our Windows XP compatible, cutting edge, meso-scale river management tool to the public. Sim Stream 7 will be downloadable from our Website for free, early this spring. We will include an article describing the features of the software. Why? Because we are celebrating the imminent release of Sim Stream 8! However, Sim Stream 7 continues to be a comprehensive river management option, and offers an excellent preview of our latest software design. Stay tuned!

MesoHABSIM Courses:

Registration has begun for MesoHABSIM courses in Vancouver, British Columbia, May 25th-28th. Registrants may choose either an introductory MesoHASBSIM course, or an advanced Certification Course. Rushing Rivers is also organizing a MesoHABSIM course in New Zealand, this March.

MesoHABSIM courses are designed for decision makers and conservationists, and teach the basics of data collection techniques, data processing, and the creation of GIS habitat models within the MesoHABSIM framework. Certification Course participants will have an opportunity to conduct stream habitat mapping with a Pocket PC and to sample fish, using the grid electro-fishing technique. This course also includes hands-on training in our MesoHABSIM and SimStream07 software; course participants will compute multivariable habitat suitability criteria and create habitat suitability maps, habitat-flow rating curves, and habitat time series analysis (UCUT Curves) for native fish species. Lastly, participants will simulate habitat improvement measures. This course also satisfies the educational requirements for MesoHABSIM Certification. For more information on Rushing River Institute Courses, MesoHABSIM Certification, or the SIMSTREAM Habitat Modeling Software; visit us online at

MesoHABSIM on Middlearth

We were invited to offer an introductory MesoHABSIM training in Hawkes Bay in New Zealand. The two day seminar  will take place March 15-16, 2010 in Napier. If you have a desire to participate, please contact us directly at Otherwise we will send you some nice pictures!

Introducing the next generation- Sim Stream 8!

The Vista and Windows 7 compatible Sim Stream 8 offers new features such as comparative simulation, speed, SQL server abilities and embed statistical calculations. Designed for practical application within the MesoHABSIM model, these new features build upon the innovative and cost effective Sim Stream 7; bringing a more flexible and adaptive data management tool to your desktop.

For more information on Sim Stream and MesoHABSIM go to (

Updated Project Map:

We have updated the map of projects where MesoHABSIM has been applied, including the work of our certified partners and colleagues in Europe. You can also find a brief description of each project’s status, as well as available reports at:

Halos and Horns:

Dr. Piotr of Rushing Rivers was highlighted in the second entry of the Valley Advocate’s annual New Year’s Review: Halos and Horns. The Advocate awarded Horns to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for throwing out the expert testimony of Dr. Parasiewicz during a review hearing for the proposed Russell Biomass Plant. The article noted that the hearing’s administrative judge falsely claimed that the testimony did not directly address water withdrawals.
To view the original testimony at our website:
For more on the Russell Biomass controversy see our blog at:


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