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September 2009 Newsflash

September 21st, 2009

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Dear Rushing Rivers Friends!

Here is the update of the latest excitement:

1.      Madrid Course Announcement!
This fall, October 19-20 and October 19-22, 2009 is the annual MesoHABSIM Instream Data Collection and Modeling Course.  Students will learn to develop multivariable habitat suitability criteria for native fish species, habitat-flow rating curves, habitat time series analysis (UCUT Curves) and action guides for river-decision-makers. For more information or to register visit us online at


2.      Dr. Parasiewicz featured on The Sky Radio Show

At the close of August, Dr. Parasiewicz,  the renown scientist, was featured on the Doug Clifford Show on WSKY. He gave an informative speech of our era’s water problems and crises. To listen to this exclusive dialogue, simply visit and tune in!

3.      The New and Improved: SimStream 8.0

Coming soon, the updated SimStream 8.0 software for MesoHABSIM modeling will be facing beta-testing before the close of this year, 2009. This new edition includes the latest modifications that stimulate greater efficiency and speed.  Technological changes better the program for smoother techniques and calculations (see

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